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Test and Code: 57: What is Data Science? - Vicki Boykis
gamingdirectional: Create a home button on the pause scene
codingdirectional: Don’t delete the same file in it’s own directory
Stack Abuse: Building a GraphQL API with Django
Django Weblog: DSF 2019 Board Election Results
Real Python: Python Community Interview With Brian Peterson
Davy Wybiral: Build your own IoT Device Hub | Bluetooth | LoRaWAN | Tutorial
Caktus Consulting Group: How to Fix your Python Code's Style
Kushal Das: Flatkpak application shortcuts on Qubes OS
Mike Driscoll: PyDev of the Week: Steve Dower
gamingdirectional: Create the pause scene for the game
Podcast.__init__: Gnocchi: A Scalable Time Series Database For Your Metrics with Julien Danjou
codingdirectional: Create multiple threads to delete multiple files with python
Techiediaries - Django: Django Authentication — Login, Logout and Password Change/Reset
Codementor: Create PDF files from templates with Python and Google Scripts
Bhishan Bhandari: Python and Excel
Moshe Zadka: Office Hours
gamingdirectional: Lets put the game instruction online instead
codingdirectional: Compare and delete files with the same content with python
Weekly Python StackOverflow Report: (clv) stackoverflow python report
Philippe Normand: Web overlay in GStreamer with WPEWebKit
codingdirectional: Remove the duplicate file from nested folders with python
gamingdirectional: Sound on Sound off
"Morphex's Blogologue": Focusing on the simple things
Python Data: Quick Tip: SQLAlchemy for MySQL and Pandas
Stack Abuse: Seaborn Library for Data Visualization in Python: Part 2
EuroPython: EuroPython 2019: Venue and location selected
EuroPython Society: EuroPython 2019: Venue and location selected
Catalin George Festila: Python Qt5 - simple checkbox example.
gamingdirectional: Create the about scene for pygame project
Test and Code: 56: Being a Guest on a Podcast - Michael Kennedy
Continuum Analytics Blog: Intake for Cataloging Spark
Codementor: 6 Lessons from Learning to Code
Polyglot.Ninja(): Auto incrementing IDs for MongoDB
PyCharm: Interview: Oliver Bestwalter for tox webinar next week
Dataquest: An Intro to Deep Learning in Python
Erik Marsja: Python Pandas Groupby Tutorial
gamingdirectional: Create the third level for this pygame project
codingdirectional: Delete duplicate file with python program
Zato Blog: Introducing Zato public API services
Codementor: Everything you need to know about tree data structures
NumFOCUS: Highlights from the 2018 NYC DISC Sprint
PyCharm: PyCharm 2018.3.1
Marc Richter: Create your own Telegram bot with Django on Heroku – Part 10 – Creating a view for your bot’s webhook
Stack Abuse: Sets in Python
Real Python: Sending Emails With Python
Eli Bendersky: Type erasure and reification
gamingdirectional: Lets move on to the next game level!
codingdirectional: Search for any duplicate file with python
Philip Semanchuk: Happy Birthday, sysv_ipc
Techiediaries - Django: Django Form Example—Bootstrap 4 UI via django-crispy-forms
Continuum Analytics Blog: Using Pip in a Conda Environment
PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #345 (Dec. 4, 2018)
Kushal Das: Using hexchat on Flatpak on Qubes OS AppVM
Mike Driscoll: Python 101: Episode #36 – Creating Modules and Packages
Codementor: How to Create and Deploy a Telegram Bot using Python
codingdirectional: List out all the files within a folder with python
PyCon: Python Education Summit - in its 7th year in 2019
Ned Batchelder: Quick hack CSV review tool
gamingdirectional: Create enemy missiles within the Enemy object
Techiediaries - Django: Django TemplateView Example — URLs, GET and as_view
Reinout van Rees: Write drunk, test automated: documentation quality assurance - Sven Strack
Continuum Analytics Blog: Python Data Visualization 2018: Moving Toward Convergence
Stack Abuse: Seaborn Library for Data Visualization in Python: Part 1
Python Software Foundation: November 2018 board meeting summary
Real Python: Building Serverless Python Apps Using AWS Chalice
Julien Danjou: A multi-value syntax tree filtering in Python
Django Weblog: Django bugfix releases: 2.1.4 and 1.11.17
Made With Mu: The Road to Mu 1.1
Test and Code: 55: When 100% test coverage just isn't enough - Mahmoud Hashemi
Tryton News: Newsletter December 2018
Mike Driscoll: PyDev of the Week: Erika Fille Legara
gamingdirectional: Create a win scene and the level manager class for pygame project
Podcast.__init__: Keeping Up With The Python Community For Fun And Profit with Dan Bader
Vasudev Ram: Tower of Hanoi program in Higher-Order Perl book, ported to Python
Techiediaries - Django: CSS Grid Layout Tutorial—Styling a Django Template
PyBites Twitter Digest - Issue 37, 2018
Weekly Python StackOverflow Report: (cliv) stackoverflow python report
Yasoob Khalid: Email Security & Privacy
James Bennett: On degrees
Davy Wybiral: Experimenting with Electric Paint
Davy Wybiral: Getting Started with GPS Modules | Tracking Device | Tutorial
gamingdirectional: Create a game over scene for pygame project
Stack Abuse: Handling Unix Signals in Python
Shannon -jj Behrens: JJ's Mostly Adequate Summary of the Django Meetup: When *Not* To Use the ORM & Goodbye REST: Building GraphQL APIs with Django
Reinout van Rees: Amsterdam Python meetup, november 2018
PyPy Development: Funding for 64-bit Armv8-a support in PyPy
Python Engineering at Microsoft: Python in Visual Studio Code – November 2018 Release
Hynek Schlawack: Python Application Dependency Management in 2018
Stack Abuse: Python Data Visualization with Matplotlib
Erik Marsja: Explorative Data Analysis with Pandas, SciPy, and Seaborn
gamingdirectional: Create a game’s start scene for pygame project
Moshe Zadka: Common Mistakes about Generational Garbage Collection
Codementor: Learning Python: From Zero to Hero
Codementor: AutoHotkey, Python style
Vladimir Iakolev: Measuring community opinion: subreddits reactions to a link
Django Weblog: The DSF Board elections - what about you?
PyCoder’s Weekly: Issue #344 (Nov. 27, 2018)
NumFOCUS: This #GivingTuesday, We’re Saying “Thank You” To Our Supporters
Rene Dudfield: 🐱‍🏍 — the first pygame 2 community game. Starting now! Are you in?